repairing mesh

Date Posted:6 May 2021 

repairing mesh main image repairing mesh image

Ever wondered how mesh is repaired?   We've been doing it for over 30 years.  We know the difference between throwing in a few rings to fix a hole, and knitting them so that they securely and safely patch a hole.   We are after all repairing PPE, not just a mesh. 

Ask your Grandma to knit you a pair of gloves, and chances are she'll come back with a set of mittens over gloves.  The wool thickness between the fingers is just uncomfortable and knitting individual fingers is darn challenging.

Here at MARS we're a bit like Gradma ....or perhaps more accurately, a cross between overpaid knitting club members and underpaid bespoke jewellery crafters.   We train for many months to learn the specialist welding techniques used in mesh, and we study the many varying mesh patterns for hours on end that turns a flat peice of mesh into a glove, apron or tunic.    We strive to ensure your gloves and aprons go back to you fitting like the day they were bought, fresh and safe to use in the workplace.   



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