7inch FDick Fish Filleting Knife - Semi Flex

7inch blade Semi Flex

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F. Dick knives stand as a hallmark of quality and precision in the culinary world. Founded in 1778, the company has a rich heritage of crafting knives tailored for professional use. With a commitment to uncompromising standards in ergonomics, sharpness, and hygiene, F. Dick knives ensure chefs and butchers have the perfect tool for every task. Whether it's filleting, boning, or slicing, their extensive range of knives caters to diverse applications, guaranteeing optimal performance in any culinary environment. Backed by centuries of expertise, F. Dick knives are trusted by professionals worldwide, offering reliability and durability that withstands the rigors of commercial kitchens and butcher shops. Elevate your culinary prowess with F. Dick knives—where tradition meets innovation for exceptional results, every time


SKU KFD8-2417-18
Brand FDick
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